27 February 2008

just write

I would so much rather be a photographer and speak in images rather than bare my soul in words, but taking pictures doesn't heal like spelling my thoughts out in sentences. It isn't something I choose to do anymore, it is something I have to.


19 February 2008

freeze frame

blue M , Chicago

One thing you can do while living inside the arctic tundra in dead of winter;
Go outside and take pictures of the ice.

winter boots, chicago

And also, wear lots of layers ..


14 February 2008

the good stuff

chocolate heaven, by way of chicago

In a society where things aren't as they should be, and people are alienated and disposable, let us remember that the things that are both priceless and worth something we give to ourselves. And that there's chocolate around every corner.

Thank god ...


11 February 2008


I often wonder if my unfinished sentences and incomplete thoughts could write there own volumes.


10 February 2008


Everyone's an expert at pretending, but few are good at being real. It's difficult to know how much self-protection to carry, when everyone walks around concealing there's.
Everyone's your friend when there's some kinda benefits. Everyone's a lost soul, too, just like you.

And everything's okay. .

These are the things I've learned today.


04 February 2008


Big City, Chicago

As a child I loved the feeling of being lost. I would slip on the hand-me-down sneakers and set off into the woods surrounding our house on 4 sides. Hopping from rock to rock, I stopped to rest and explore only when no longer recognizing which direction to walk towards home.

Being lost simply felt more magical to me than knowing exactly where I was or being in a place I'd already been. It was how I discovered the purple forest, the vine swing, the back edge of the fenced-in horse pasture where I'd sit and pet noses for hours- or minutes that may have seemed like hours.

As I got bigger, it got harder and harder to get lost and feel that magic again. The minutes would pass more slowly, the creek grew smaller and smaller, and I always knew which direction was home and it was too closeby to feel the magic.
Today, I still love that feeling of being lost between big scary buildings or endless forest trees. It's why I'll land in a city without a guidebook, wishing only to wander and not to navigate. People never understood why I did this; but I simply enjoy the way it feels.
And I guess this is why, because of the magic.