26 March 2008

no good day.

When all the consquences seem to be punishing you and working against you.
When your boss, like every one before him, makes you feel like an idiot.
When you walk into a drain spout knocking your glasses off and producing a three inch knot on your head.
When you check your bank account to realize a forgotten check processed causing hundreds in overdraft fees.
When you go home alone and talk to your pet about your woes.
When you have to negotiate with yourself to get out of bed, and its hard just to put one foot in front of the other.
When the whole world seems happier, more settled, more 'together' than you.

Just remember that you're not the only one. Not by a longshot.
* * *

08 March 2008


the basilica of sorrows, chicago

Here, the neighborhoods of rich and poor butt right up against each other like a schizophrenic patchwork quilt. This past week I have firsthand witnessed the unhappiness of both; the needing and the needing of a little more. Crossing the border from one to the next is like witnessing night and day in the blink of an eye. Just like that, I am needy one moment and feeling greedy the next.

If happiness is having, then it will always be relative to another's. It isn't resources and rewards or the having of a little more that determines it. It is the way we choose to perceive, and which corner we are doing the perceiving upon.
What side of the street are we standing on when we compare our lives.


02 March 2008


eclipse viewing, chicago

One time I asked the universe why it conspired to keep me alone. It answered back in its own silent way. And basically told me this, "because it's good for you, and because you can think better and maybe that's all you need right now."

Yea, me and the universe are tight like that..

moon, chicago