22 June 2008

the universe asks..

What will you do with the silence.

What will you make in the spaces.

What will you create with the margins in life that are big enough to allow for error?

Now how will you share that with the world?

* * *

19 June 2008


I write to untwist the worlds in my head. And separate the swirls of shadows from the depths of the closets of my mind.
I write to make piles of grey where there was a black world and a white one separated by minds.

I'm building something out of the mess of my mind; creating things, making sense of it all.
I write to put words to everything. Building, sustaining, creating.
Only with words could all this be possible.
Words are the basis, the sustainer for the creation of life. Now choose them.

* * *

02 June 2008


This past year has been, in many respects, pure hell. The good thing being
that I'm no longer afraid of hell anymore; I've already been there and back and
all I've got to show for it is tons and tons of pure unadulterated character. The
kind of character you get when you and your inner badass have made very close friends.