14 May 2008

Life's Rough Drafts.

The longer I’ve lived, the more I look back amazed that I am still here, after every big and little mountain that seemed insurmountable.
And I learned I could make it through and live even when I didn’t feel like it at all. Why not keep living when you’ve lived long enough to know that good people exist and anything is always possible.

And the whole time the roller coaster of life goes up and down, sometimes down a little too fast and far; there might be something good just around the corner, up the next hill. Maybe a laugh or two, or a really good friend that gets you.

There is room for improvement and there always will be, as evolution coincides with ego and the fight for power and survival. Just try to be glad to be alive and having a good time sometimes. You can always look back and laugh at all the crazy shit you survived, all on your own. Be happy to live in an interesting world and to be part of something bigger, if not more flawed than yourself- the universe.

Funny how after the lens of time lapses, thing don't seem so bad.

* * *